Bugaboo, DSM Engineering Materials, Fibrant and Neste partner to enable industry-first stroller portfolio made with bio-based materials.

Bugaboo, DSM Engineering Materials, Fibrant and Neste announce that their cross-value chain partnership has successfully enabled the launch of an entire Bugaboo stroller portfolio made with bio-based materials. Specifically, the majority of the strollers’ plastic parts are made using DSM Engineering Materials’ Akulon 100% bio-based B-MB polyamide 6 (PA6), which in turn is made using bio-based feedstock from both Fibrant and Neste. DSM Engineering Materials uses a mass-balancing approach with renewable waste and residue raw material to enable a ~75% PA6 carbon footprint reduction compared to conventional PA6 and up to 24% of the entire stroller.

Earlier in 2022, Bugaboo announced ambitious targets to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 2035. As most of Bugaboo’s impact derives from its Scope 3 emissions, a transition toward lower fossil carbon materials is a key element of the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy. This aligns closely with the ambitions of the other partners: DSM Engineering Materials’ ongoing ambition of a full alternative portfolio of bio-based and circular solutions, helping to de-fossilize the economy as part of its SimplyCircular initiative, Fibrant’s commitment to make the entire value chain more sustainable and Neste’s offering of Neste RETM feedstock for polymers and chemicals.

While conventional Akulon PA6 is already an excellent-in-class for carbon footprint, switching to Akulon 100% bio-based B-MB PA6 offers a significant carbon footprint reduction compared to conventional PA6 and helps to further de-fossilize the value chain. Used in the entire stroller line, the new material was developed by DSM Engineering Materials in collaboration with its partners Fibrant and Neste. Specifically, Neste provided renewable Neste RETM, a feedstock for polymers made 100% from bio-based materials such as waste and residues, which was used to replace fossil feedstock in the value chain. DSM Engineering Materials, Fibrant, and Neste are all ISCC-PLUS certified.
With identical mechanical performance and characteristics to conventional Akulon® grades, this mass- balanced bio-based Akulon® PA6 offers the quality and durability necessary to comply with Bugaboo’s strict safety standards, making it a drop-in substitution while enabling a CO2 reduction of up to 24% per stroller in line with the company’s ambitious ESG targets. This first line of strollers will be gradually available online and in stores worldwide in the coming period. In addition, over the course of 2023, Bugaboo will transition its entire stroller portfolio to production with bio-based materials.

Adriaan Thiery, CEO at Bugaboo, comments: “Tackling the imminent climate crisis and all its consequences requires companies to take responsibility now – but no company can achieve a circular economy alone. By partnering along the value chain, we can benefit from innovative low-carbon emission solutions like bio-based PA6, which enable companies like Bugaboo to achieve our ESG goals, stick to our Paris Agreement targets, and move toward a circular, low-carbon economy.”

Roeland Polet, President DSM Engineering Materials, says: “As Bugaboo becomes one of the earliest pioneers of bio-based PA6, we’re very proud that our collaboration with Fibrant and Neste has produced such an innovative material. Collaboration remains key as we work toward the sustainable economy that consumers know we need, and sustainable circular solutions like our bio-based PA6 are practical ways for our partners to get ahead by realizing their environmental ambitions while making positive impacts at scale. We’re looking forward to supporting many more of our partners as they follow Bugaboo’s example and lead the way toward a more sustainable society.”

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