Breathe easy with ClevaMama

Nursery Brand ClevaMama Helps Parents to Breathe Easy with its New Ozone Free Air Purifier.

ClevaMama has launched its brand-new, one of the first of its kind, air purifier – the ClevaPure Air Purifier, also known as Mika.

The new ClevaPure Air Purifier is Medical Grade and Ozone and removes 99.95% of irritants which can trigger asthma and allergies in young children. Along with other great features it is a medical grade air purifier which issuitable and safe for babies and their nursery. 

ClevaMama believe that a healthier, happier and cleaner nursery can help your child breathe easier and can have a huge impact on their development and future health.  

Research has revealed that babies spend on average 5.5 hours in their nursery each day, so ClevaMama believes it is vital to ensure that it is a safe and clean space. 

The brands mission is to empower parents, by supporting them and providing clever solutions to real life parenting situations. The new ClevaPure Air Purifier helps to protect against pollutants, mould, dust mites, bacteria, allergens, pollen, viruses, smoke, and odors.

The stylish and clever medical grade ClevaPure Air Purifier works with a simple touch system or can be controlled by an app, so you can schedule when you use it.

Designed to fit in any nursery, ClevaPure Air Purifier “Mika” will engage children through its unique robot style – the eyes light up happy when the air is clean and become sad when the air is not. Being lightweight and portable, ClevaPure Air Purifier can be easily used anywhere, at home or while away. 


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