A single mum from London used her time in lockdown to finally bring to life a revolutionary invention she’d been working on for six years.

With the rise in parents struggling to find accessible public toilets and the fear of poor hygiene ramped up during the pandemic, the 37-year-old Mum of one decided to take a huge financial risk to manufacture a solution aptly named the Whizzer. This portable kids toilet was still a design on paper in late 2020 but by mid-2021, Zoë Chapman had singlehandedly turned her idea into an award-winning eco-friendly solution that parents now don’t leave the house without. 

The Whizzer has quickly become a game-changer for potty training, with toddlers taking ownership over their handheld toilet thanks to the clever design. 

The Kiddiwhizz Founder is also determined to drive down the sale of cheap plastic potties which are quickly discarded due to their inconvenience and size.

In contrast, the Whizzer is a cost-effective travel companion that is consciously made to last a family for years. 

The innovative product not only uses soft silicone to mould around the body for comfort and privacy, but once used it can be sealed for a leakproof solution compact enough to fit any bag. 

The large capacity means that it can hold the contents of an average 8-year-old’s full bladder, making it a must-pack for any family day out with growing kids. 

Long car journeys, trips on public transport, days out with beaches and picnics are all made easier without the need to halt plans to search for a loo at a moment’s notice. 

The disabled community have also welcomed this new device. Parents of children with life-altering physical disabilities or conditions ranging from Autism to Diabetes are rejoicing that they finally have an answer to hidden symptoms that have hindered their freedom.

It’s even been a hit in theme park queues that are notorious for long waits, with kids inevitably needing a toilet break. 

One parenting stress is finally solved thanks to this handy hack that received the Made for Mums Innovation of the Year Award, and was shortlisted as the Best Pre-school essential and Eco-product of the year by Progressive Pre-School among other exciting achievements- 2023 is predicted to be even bigger! All masterminded by one resilient mum set who has harnessed her own struggles to take on the big brands against the odds.

The entire range of successful mum-made products is stocked on the brand’s own Kiddiwhizz website, and many other online retailers, including Amazon, stock individual colours. Or grab one in-store at JoJo Maman Bebe shops across the UK.


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