Investing in children’s futures has long been at the heart of what Joie does – and what better way to invest in their future, than by protecting the planet that is their home.

That is why Joie is launching its first ever range of products that feature recycled materials – meet the Cycle Collection! 

The Joie family will already knows that responsible production methods have long been central to the way they craft and create Joie products – but there is always more that can be done – and they’ve done their research, they know that 83% of consumers consider environmentally friendly design to be “extremely important.” 

With this in mind, their big-brained designers got their extra-large thinking caps on and came up with an ingenious way we could offer parents the same high quality they expect from their Joie products, with the added peace of mind that comes from knowing they are environmentally friendly. 

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The Cycle Collection uses the same metal components as other Joie products, so you can rest assured they are just as safe and long lasting, but the fabric is made from recycled water bottles. As well as helping to reduce plastic waste, these materials also use fewer resource during production than virgin materials do – and there is no compromise on quality. 

With 8.8 million tons of plastic waste flowing into the ocean every year, Joie couldn’t waste the opportunity to do their bit to protect your child’s world at the same time as protecting their safety. 

So, they are taking this discarded debris, and shredding it into flakes which is then melted and spun into super soft thread – and although it might start out as plastic, there is nothing stiff or uncomfortable about it. The thread is then knitted into high-quality durable fabric that’s comfortable and safe for baby.  

The cycle range will consist of the Joie versatrax, mytrax pro, i-Snug 2, i-Spin 360, i-Trillo and ramble XL, allowing your customers to customise their cycled collection to suit their family. 

Turning the things we throw away into thread is just the first step for Joie – they want to continue to work towards more sustainable practises throughout the business. While they appreciate that this is just a drop in the ocean, the more baby steps we all take, will bring us closer to a greener planet. 

And while their contribution might be seen as small, a drop in the ocean is better than bottles in the ocean. 

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