Azaria shares insight into UK family life

Specialist marketing agency Azaria reveals 2023 Family Report.

We are all part of one, and many of us market to them, but do we really know the current mindset of the average UK family?  The UK’s leading family specialist PR & Marketing Agency, Azaria, constantly reviews its clients’ audiences, and today reveals its latest annual Family Report which shares in-depth insight across many sectors of family life.

With over 2,000 parents surveyed across the UK in January 2023 via market research specialists Mumsviews, Azaria highlights key findings through its customary easy-to-read infographic. 

At a Glance – The Challenges:

  • 69% say that the cost of living is negatively affecting their everyday life.
  • HALF are still feeling some post-pandemic anxiety (but 58% don’t believe it’s affecting their kids anymore).
  • 46% think that supermarkets no longer offer the best value for money.
  • 65% spent less on Christmas in 2023 than 2022.
  • Almost half say that climate change concerns affect their purchasing decisions.

At A Glance – The Opportunities:

  • 22% spend 5-6 hours per week browsing products when pregnant.
  • 6 out of 10 respondents value brands with a higher purpose.
  • 63% turn to social media for parenting tips and advice
  • 61% like brands to contact them via email, 39% via social media.

Azaria Managing Director, Amber Steventon comments; “With over half of respondents rating their general family life 8 out of 10, it is clear that we are getting back to ‘normal’ after several years of pandemic disruption. However, rising living costs are having a direct impact on things such as our weekly shop. This means that many respondents are shopping more selectively, including second-hand.”

Amber continues; “As we enter into an era of more conscious living, there are opportunities for brands with a high purpose to connect and engage with their end customer like never before.”

Azaria – Leading the Way on All-things Family:

As an award-winning agency, Azaria has gained an enviable reputation for creating engaging campaigns for all family businesses, from industry giants to small start-ups. Providing multi-level marketing services, clients can take advantage of the company’s extensive experience, ranging from media relations and influencer marketing to media buying and digital marketing, including; Google Shopping, Shopify and expertly created Facebook ads.  This delivers fully-rounded campaigns that drive awareness, web hits and product sales. 

For more information on Azaria visit, see the latest events, activities and news at @azaria_ltd and say hi to Amber and the Team at

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