Safer Sleep Week was introduced by The Lullaby Trust to raise awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and the proven advice on how parents can reduce the risk of it occurring.

KIKI & SEBBY are pleased to be supporting The Lullaby Trust Safer Sleep Week with helpful advice and presenting you with their safe and sustainable sleep products for your little one.

It is important to ensure that your baby’s room is at a comfortable temperature, ideally between 16 and 20°C. At this temperature, your baby should be fine in a well fitting sleeping bag. KIKI & SEBBY suggest having a room thermometer so you can keep baby at the right temperature.

Always put your baby to sleep on their back, never on their sides or front. Swaddling your little one can help to keep baby on their back. KIKI & SEBBY advise swaddling until your baby can roll over, probably around 4 to 5 months. If you wish to continue to swaddle for longer then swaddle with their arms free or move into a well fitting sleeping bag.

A sleeping bag helps to prevent your baby from slipping under blankets or covers, which can increase the risk of suffocation or overheating. Overall, using a sleeping bag as part of a safe sleep routine can provide parents with peace of mind that their child is getting a safe and restful sleep that they need for healthy development.

A safe cot is an empty cot. This also applies to moses baskets and cribs. No bumpers, soft toys or ill fitting sheets and blankets. Swaddling with a muslin swaddle or a well fitting sleeping bag are the safer options.

All of KIKI & SEBBY’s materials are sustainably sourced and are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certified for your peace of mind.

The Lullaby Trust are asking you to spread the word on social media, they quote;

“The aim of the week is to reach as many parents as possible with this important advice, but we need your help! Simply sharing our posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using our hashtag #SaferSleepWeek, and sharing our free online resources can help us to achieve this. During last year’s campaign we reached millions of people on social media alone, thanks to you!”KIKI & SEBBY®

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