Strolling into a more sustainable future: prams made from plastic bottles

Germany’s pram brand, ABC Design, is paving the way to a more sustainable future by using recycled plastic bottles to create eco-friendly fabrics.

Germany is the number one recycler of waste worldwide with a recycling rate of 67% compared to the UK, in thirteenth place, at 43%. So it’s no surprise that Germany’s leading pram brand, ABC Design, is developing forward-thinking fabric alternatives for its products.

45% of ABC Design’s strollers are in the brand’s Pure Edition range, developed with world-class German engineering using sustainably recycled materials. The exclusive Pure Edition range features high-quality fabrics in the designs nature, cream and midnight which are made from PET bottles – up to 100 bottles go into the manufacturing of just one pram.

Having recycled over 3.5 million PET bottles into stunning strollers so far at a rate of one bottle every 30 seconds, ABC Design is dedicated to bringing its eco-philosophies to the UK.

To produce the fabrics, the collected PET bottles are thoroughly cleaned, shredded and melted down into granules. The granules are then processed into polyester fibres and spun into a high-quality yarn. This is then woven into the fabrics that make up the stunning and sustainable designs available in ABC Design’s Pure Edition range. 

Fiona Suffield commented: “At ABC Design, we are setting the standard for developing more sustainable fabrics for our products, without compromising on quality. Our customers deserve a pram that cares for their growing family whilst being kind to the planet, and we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in sustainability, safety and style for over 30 years. We want families across the UK to fall in love with ABC Design and support the battle against plastic waste.”

Adding to the brand’s eco-credentials, the brand new Black Dots design, available exclusively in the Samba-Set, is made from recycled bottles, sourced specifically from the sea and surrounding areas where there is a particularly high risk of PET bottles ending up in the world’s oceans. In collaboration with the company Click A Tree, ABC Design has pledged to plant 6 trees on the Philippines island of Mindanao and remove 6kg of waste from the ocean to support the Philippines’ reforestation project.

For more information about ABC Design’s Pure Edition range, click here

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