Two decades of creating ‘clever stuff for happy babies’ celebrated by giving back.

Hot on the heels of announcing a new era for the brand with its new Silhouette Collection, COSATTO – the name renowned for its vibrant colours and energetic fabrics – marked its 20th anniversary in technicolour style. 

The exclusive team, friends, and family big birthday bash, which also celebrated Founder and Executive Chair, Andrew Kluge’s 60thbirthday, was held at the brand’s impressive headquarters in Bolton, on Friday 10th March 2023. In true COSSATO style, the team were encouraged to dress in colourful, printed shirts, to pay homage to the company’s founder and its original concept. 

From humble beginnings, working in an independent nursery shop in Bolton, Andrew was inspired to ‘break the conformity’ of the repetitive dark shades of black, grey, and navy he was surrounded by, when it came to pushchairs. With just a sewing machine and his signature patterned shirts, he set out to change the landscape of the nursery industry and ‘save the world from boring baby stuff’, By inventing the framed pushchair rain cover he created a brand focussed on difference and design, which would appeal to the rule-breakers, world-shakers, and homemakers. 

2.6 million happy babies later, COSATTO thrives as an award-winning nursery brand creating unique, life enhancing products with super intelligent functions to make life a breeze. In 2023, it boasts 33 products across the pushchair, car seat and home equipment categories, in 204 designs, has raised over £200,000 for charity over the years and currently has a passionate team of over 50 members who live by the holy grail of Andrew’s original brand values. COSATTO has also established itself as a brand that strives for excellence, with a longstanding collaborative relationship with Paloma Faith since 2019 and previous work with the RAC. 

The team honoured their philanthropic leader by gifting him with a charity. As yet, it is undecided how this will benefit the wider community, but rest assured, it will.  An example of his generosity is his long-run incentive within the business, ‘Chance of a Lifetime’. This allows employees to apply for a grant of £10,000 to go and achieve a lifelong dream. In the past, this has been used for workers to meet-up with long lost family members on the other side of the world, to set-up businesses to give back to the community or a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn a new skill. 

Andrew commented: 

“I am super proud of what we have achieved since we bought COSATTO in 2003. It is now a unique brand that is recognised around the world for providing something different, but still practical for the modern fashion-conscious parent. At the same time, we have developed an amazing team, award-winning culture and been recognised in 2022 as one of the Top 10 UK Small Companies to Work For. We have certainly had our ups and downs in the last 20 years, but it’s been a fabulous ride!”

For now, it’s time to look to the future for COSATTO with a busy launch diary for 2023, including several unveilings into new categories, big collaborations, and aspirations to build upon the strong foundations that have been created in the past 20-years. 

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