A new study conducted by personalised baby brand My 1st Years has revealed which childhood milestones are shared the most on Instagram.

It’s no secret that in this day and age parents love to share their most special moments online, for friends and family to see and interact with, and with over 2.35 billion monthly active users, Instagram is still the go-to photo sharing app.

The researchers looked at the platform to find out which ‘firsts’ families are heading to the app to share with loved ones, and found that first birthdays are the most popular, with over six million photos shared on social media under the hashtag ‘#firstbirthday’. 

The Top 15 Most Shared ‘First’ Moments on Instagram

Following the first birthday as the most popular milestone on Instagram was the first day of school, and with just over four million photos posted under its hashtag, the day is a huge milestone for all children as they head into education for the first time. Completing the top three most shared first moments is a child’s first Christmas, a seasonal holiday celebrated by more than two billion people around the world. Photos under the hashtag show both infants and parents donning festive outfits in front of beautifully dressed Christmas trees.

Holidays seem to be a common theme, with five of the top 15 most shared moments including global days of celebration, from Halloween (708,923 photos) to Easter (410,203 photos), and both Mother’s Day (372,147 photos) and Father’s Day (234,241 photos) ranking highly. 

Other moments parents love to share include baby’s first steps (592,136 photos), their first tooth (387,464 photos) and even their first shoes (166,780 photos) – all huge milestones in children’s younger years, and moments parents want to capture to remember forever.

RankMoment (#)Number of Posts Under Hashtag
1First Birthday6,039,121
2First Day of School4,103,377
3First Christmas1,969,555
4First Halloween708,923
5First Year658,179
6First Haircut632,403
7First Steps592,136
8First Birthday Party529,885
9First Easter410,203
10First Tooth387,464
11First Mother’s Day372,147
12First Father’s Day234,241
13First Bike178,067
14First Shoes166,780
15First Holiday160,004

The Most Followed Families on TikTok

While Instagram is certainly the go-to for photos, TikTok has exploded in popularity over the last few years, becoming the go-to app for sharing short-form video content like mini vlogs. Many YouTube creators have made the transition to the app to share what their daily life looks like, with a number of popular families having made a name for themselves by providing relatable and entertaining family content.

The research revealed that Savannah Labrant, of the LaBrant family, is the most followed family influencer on TikTok, with a huge following of 30 million people. Her and her husband Cole share lifestyle videos of their family, including their four children Everleigh, Posie, Zealand and Sunday, and have an estimated worth of $3 million dollars, hailing from their Instagram, TikTok and YouTube activity.

Following behind with 21.6 million TikTok followers is Jason Coffee, another American family influencer who started out on the now defunct platform Vine, and transferred to TikTok where his videos have now made him worth around $2 billion. Jason shares fun family videos starring his three children Isaac, Peyton and Caleb, as well as wife Chassy.

Completing the top three most followed families on TikTok is the Furrha family, also from the States, who boast 11.7 million followers. The family of 10 (eight children, including five sons and three daughters) post silly skits, pulling in millions of views on each video and giving them a net worth of around $30 million.

Notable UK families that feature in the list include the Kabs family (3.8 million followers), a north London family of five who found fame on YouTube, posting fun family videos of themselves with their three children: 14 year old Teija, six year old Maliya and three year old TJ. Father of the Joly family, Irish YouTuber Jonathan Joly (3.3 million followers) also ranks in the list, having found a huge following on TikTok for posting his (sometimes controversial) family and parenting life online. Another UK TikTok family which ranked just outside of the top 25 with 1.1 million followers, was The Famileigh where brothers Travis and Harrison create fun family videos with dad Paul. 

The Top 25 Most Followed Families on TikTok

RankHandleNumber of Followers
1@savv.labrant30 million
2@jasoncoffee21.6 million
3@thefurrhafamily11.7 million
4@andreaespadatv9.8 million
5@sharpefamilysingers8.5 million
6@team2moms6.7 million
7@theacefamily6.6 million
8@cargo_shorts_dad4.9 million
9@family.booms4.6 million
10@fluellenfam3.9 million
11@thekabsfamily3.8 million
12@the.mcfarlands3.8 million
13@jonathanjoly3.3 million
14@family4kidz2.7 million
15@justthebells102.7 million
16@terrell_jarius2.1 million
17@theharfinfamily2.1 million
18@aysatofficiel2.1 million
19@family.of.nomads2 million
20@ourlargefamilylife1.8 million
21@theysfamily1.4 million
22@thatyoutub3family1.4 million
23@itsdaddymay1.3 million
24@tateandfamily1.3 million
25@megan.elizabeth.x31.3 million


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