Pourty has been developing their award winning potty, taking it to the next level with the new ECO version! Super practical, hygienic and kind to the environment.

Plastic potties are not easy to recycle and unfortunately many end up in landfill. This is why the innovative brand Pourty has now developed their popular ‘pourable’ potty to make it better for the environment and more sustainable.

Pourty’s current range of potties is recyclable, however they are made from virgin plastic. The new ECO, sustainable potty is made from recycled post-consumer waste.

Post consumer waste is plastic such as food cartons which is cleaned and recycled into sustainable plastic. When sustainable plastic is reprocessed and made into new products, the manufacturing process is kinder to the environment because it doesn’t use fossil fuels as raw materials. This forms a circular approach for our waste and helps to protect natural resources.

Let’s get down to the features of the ECO Pourty Potty.

The ECO Pourty Potty follows the original design which has won several awards since 2010 and is consistently rated 5 out of 5 in potty reviews for quality, value for money and ease of use
It offers the convenience of a traditional potty but with its easy-to-pour feature it is more hygienic to empty and easier to clean
Using the handle on the front of the potty, simply pour out of the unique pouring duct into your toilet with no mess
Its wide flat seat is more comfortable for your child, and it features a high splash guard at the front to limit ‘spillages’ for boys
Sustainable, recycled, recyclable, and environmentally friendly
Fully recyclable packaging
Made in the UK, reducing its carbon footprint
Pourty Potties need not end their life in landfill


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