Much-loved Swedish childrenswear brand Polarn O. Pyret (or PO.P for short) has firmly cemented its Second Hand offering as a truly category-leading, in-house destination for preloved PO.P clothing – with thousands of items already given a new lease of life!

Customers can rest assured that every item is disinfected using an OZONE chamber to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned before reaching their new owners. The OZONE chamber removes 99% of bacteria and also breaks down and destroys odour as opposed to simply masking it, meaning when you buy PO.P second hand items, they’ll smell as good as new!

Speaking about the fast-growing category, Mats Nilsson, the brands UK Managing Director said: 

“The Second-hand clothing market is vital, especially when we consider that 90% of emissions come from production. Put simply, an increase of 10% in second hand sales could save 3% Carbon, 4% water & 1% waste per tonne of clothing – and, when you double the lifespan of a product, it reduces its climate impact by nearly 50%. With 350,000 tonnes of clothing ending up in landfill in the United Kingdom every single year – this is something that not only do we know needs to change, but that we consider our responsibility.”

Passionate about the longevity of it’s clothes, every PO.P item is guaranteed to last a minimum of three children, so it’s no wonder parents are choosing to shop PO.P second hand, especially on the higher priced items – the items still have years of wear ahead! 

It’s Premium PO.P with a Pre-loved Price Tag.

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