Iconic, Swedish baby product brand BabyBjörn has a long history of drawing inspiration from Scandinavian nature when creating new designs. This time, the inspiration resulted in a stylish, handcrafted print with soft shapes and lines.

The print celebrates the unique landscapes of parenthood, a timely theme in a more diverse world where individuality influences parenting styles. The print is available in soft cotton for the BabyBjörn best-sellers Baby Carrier Mini and Baby Bouncer Bliss.

The new BabyBjörn print has been created by hand, placing coloured pieces of paper carefully together to form a unique design with soft shapes and lines. The design team has taken inspiration from the diversity found in Scandinavian nature.

The print has a beautiful neutral Khaki/Green palette will feature on popular BabyBjörn classics, Baby Carrier Mini and Baby Bouncer Bliss. BabyBjörn describes the new print as ‘a celebration of the unique landscapes of parenthood’. To further enhance this, the print is used in a way that makes all products unique since no two products will look exactly the same. “Our new print is inspired by Scandinavian nature. Nature’s way of creating space for diversity and change encouraged us to create a visual story about individuality and transformation. Every parenthood journey is unique and in constant change. We wanted to create a print that celebrates this,” says Anna Björk, Head of Design.



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