Fat Brain has a range of toys that are designed to provide different types of sensory stimulation, such as tactile, visual and auditory, which can help to improve development in little ones of coordination, fine motor skills, language development, and overall sensory processing.

14 of the iconic toys are now available at Baby Brands Direct for independent stores to access with no MOQs and a mix and match facility of over 2,500 SKUs. Firm favourites are the Dimpl collection that feature ‘popping’ action through squishy, brightly coloured, food grade silicone material, housed on a plastic frame. They also have various learning including numbers, words and one even has braille incorporated into it.

Operations Director at BBD comments, ‘We are delighted to have this range of sensory toys in our portfolio, for which we have seen increasing awareness and demand for. Fat Brain’s attention to innovative design for child development through play and quality manufacturing, alongside its numerous accreditations make it a perfect brand to stock.

www.babybrandsdirect.co.uk l 0208 845 5000

Azaria PR

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