In an exclusive appearance on the popular BBC day-time TV show, Morning Live, parenting expert, neuro-psychologist, and founder of The Good Play Guide and Fundamentally Children, Dr. Amanda Gummer, has tackled the prevailing concerns among parents regarding their children’s screen time usage.

According to a recent survey by BBC Children’s and Education, a staggering 79% of parents express worry about the impact of screen time on their children’s well-being and development. However, the research also reveals that an overwhelming 93% of parents are interested in educational programmes for their children, recognizing the potential for such content to boost creativity and communication skills.

The fast-paced digital age has brought a plethora of devices and screens into our lives, providing both opportunities and challenges for children’s development.  Dr. Gummer sheds light on this vital issue and in the form of Parenting Guide to Screen time produced exclusively for the BBC and accessible here on the CBeebies website, she offers invaluable insights to parents seeking to navigate the digital landscape responsibly. The advice underscores the importance of not putting a blanket limit on screen time, but moreover embracing screen time and ensuring that children are exposed to educational and enriching content crucial for their learning when they are watching. 

During the Morning Live segment, Dr. Gummer emphasised that watching the right content can significantly contribute to children’s development and parents should actively participate in guiding their children towards engaging content via educational programmes that align with their interests and age-appropriate themes.  Aimed at helping parents navigate the challenges of screen time battles during the upcoming summer holidays her expert advice will enable parents to strike a healthy balance, ensuring their children’s digital and TV screen experiences are both educational and enjoyable. 

Dr. Gummer comments: “With schools now out for summer, parents are having to juggle a balance between being present for their kids and the heavy guilt of managing their own work challenges and feeling they need to give in to screen time – but it really needn’t be a battle.  It’s as much about what children watch as for how long. The BBC has some great inclusive and representative shows including Love Monster, Yakka Dee and Bluey. The more our little ones can relate to what they watch, the more they will soak up the many educational benefits and life lessons of the diverse and engaging programming available. ” 

Dr. Gummer’s appearance on Morning Live discussed her Balanced Play Diet framework and the diverse range of educational and entertaining shows the BBC is offering parents as valuable resource to ensure their children’s screen time is both constructive and enriching.

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