Hub of Innovation: Start-up Area at Kind + Jugend 2023

20 young companies from 11 countries will present their innovations.

Kind + Jugend has long been synonymous with innovation and progress in the baby and toddler industry. To drive this progress further, it is offering 20 ambitious companies with creative ideas the chance to showcase their concepts in a start-up area.

In this special area of the exhibition halls, this year is not just about both innovation but also internationality, with selected start-ups from 11 countries. The largest representation will be from European companies, but entrepreneurs from South Korea, Israel, and the US will also be in Cologne from 7 to 9 September 2023. The 20 young companies will join the impressive roster of over 960 exhibitors from 45 countries.

This means that the start-up area of Kind + Jugend will once again be a hub for inspiration and the discovery of new products. The unique appeal of the trade fair is that many young companies and start-ups are represented alongside major industry players.

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You can discover these groundbreaking products in the Start-up Area:

  • Babymoon from the Netherlands will present an adjustable baby carrier that grows with the child, provides ergonomic spinal support for newborns, promotes healthy hip development and allows skin-on-skin contact.
  • Emma Healthcare from South Korea is bringing the smart baby crib called BebeLucy. Thanks to AI, the crib features an app that lets parents track their baby’s sleep cycle and heart rate as well as measure the temperature and humidity of the room.
  • American exhibitor Glo Pals will be introducing its water-activated, light-up sensory toys. Each toy has its own personality and colour. Inspired by a child with autism, Glo Pals engage children in sensory exercises and brighten up bath time.
  • Italian architect and founder Hana Barqawi will showcase colourful unique handmade pieces, ranging from accessories, paintings, frames, stuffed animals and furniture. All the creations are kid-friendly and sure to enhance the room of any child.
  • Hoppstar GmbH, a start-up from Austria, makes cameras for children that deliver high-quality photos, are easy to use and boast a cheerful design.
  • Developed by three friends from Italy, LALLABE is a line of innovative, safe and non-toxic makeup for little girls.
  • Les Babygators, a French start-up, specialises in the importance of oral hygiene for children. It offers sonic and electric toothbrushes, and toothpaste without nanoparticles for the little ones.
  • Everyone is talking about veganism these days. This is also probably the inspiration behind the children’s vegan backpacks and bags in a simple Nordic design by Little Who, a start-up from Düsseldorf.
  • The founder of Loo La La from the US developed a toilet seat for boys based on her experience as a mother. It transforms the toilet into a urinal and helps keep the bathroom clean.
  • Apple-mango, pumpkin-carrot and avocado are just some of the puree creations and other baby food products that come from Lithuania.
  • The start-up MaMira Baby offers modern and unique food solutions in sustainable and recyclable packaging.
  • Padhat, another Lithuanian company, has developed a protective hat for kids that not only helps reduce the risk of serious head injuries but also looks stylish. The hats are made with a patented technology and can absorb impacts of up to 150 kg.
  • At the forefront of French start-up Perifit’s mission was to provide a solution for pelvic floor issues in women and mothers. The company will be featuring an intelligent pelvic floor training device designed to help heal and strengthen the pelvic floor with real-time biofeedback via an interactive app.
  • Piko from the Netherlands will be there with a practical sleep aid for babies. The special frame can be used anywhere and creates a familiar and secure sleeping environment. With the Piko app, parents can keep track of their child’s sleep patterns.
  • Traditional music boxes are a thing of the past. Rock my Sleep GmbH from Germany makes music boxes in the shape of stuffed animals that can transform any type of music into instrumental lullabies, enchanting both young and old.
  • Sleepybump from Israel is a mat designed to mimic that bumpy feeling that lulls babies into a slumber. Simply place the mat on the floor and roll the stroller over it until the child falls asleep.
  • Smart from the Start / Kenguru Gold from Hungary offers sustainable, well-designed beautiful clothing for babies and toddlers.
  • Sticklett, founded in Austria, will present smart fashion for babies. Each collection features a technical “hero”. It is attached to the baby’s clothing and monitors their sleep, detects stomach pain, when they cry and helps with their motor development.
  • American start-up Willow promises optimal comfort and more freedom with its hands-free, leak-proof, app-connected breast pump.
  • WonderMom from the Netherlands offers various solutions and products, such as cool breast compresses, to ease recovery after childbirth.
  • Identifying a baby’s needs by the sound of their cries – that is what the Swiss company Zoundream AG promises with their product. The system is designed to facilitate continuous non-invasive health monitoring for infants at home, from interpreting the meaning of baby cries to early detection of potential neurological developmental disorders and illnesses.

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