Recreate a pavement sensation anywhere with Sleepybump!

Start-Up company Sleepybump has created an innovative new product which provides assistance to rock babies to sleep with natural bumpy feeling, giving parents full control and in record time: Sleepybump. Visit their stand at K&J Hall 10.2 | Stand: A048b

Launching at Kind + Jugend, visitors are invited to the Sleepybump stand to see the new and innovative Sleepybump Surface.

With the Sleepybump Surface new parents can now rock their baby to sleep without having to take a drive, go on long walks or hold and rock the baby endlessly to a point of physical exhaustion every single nap time.

A unique and innovative new product, the Sleepybump is a silicone surface that has been created to simulate the rocking motions infants dore.  Consisting of uneven bumps that were carefully engineered to rock a baby safely and smoothly to sleep this distinctive product helps mums and dads to get their baby to fall asleep quickly in their strollers without having to take them outside.

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The product is incredibly simple to use and requires no batteries! Simply lay the Sleepybump Surface on a flat, even surface and start moving the stroller right on top of it. The bumpy material mimics the feel of a regular pavement outside, thus providing babies with the familiar rocking feeling they need to fall asleep. In addition, Sleepybump is durable over time, folds and cleans easily and is suitable for all types of strollers. Apart from making nap time a lot more manageable, parents can now have complete control and flexibility: they can rock the baby with this light, mobile product while working or spending time with family and friends.

Kind + Jugend 2023, Start Up Area: Hall 10.2 | Stand: A048b

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