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Elevate little one’s journey with the My Babiie MB500i Travel System: unrivalled safety, comfort, and style.

Parenthood truly is a journey like no other and what better Travel System to bring along for the ride than My Babiie’s MB500i iSize Travel System? This is the perfect Travel System for parents who want nothing but the best for their little one and the MB500i will revolutionise the way parents and their little ones get to experience it together.

Picture a travel system that seamlessly combines luxury, innovation and most importantly safety, designed to meet the unique needs of parents and babies alike. The MB500i does just this and more. It’s not simply a mode of transportation for you and your baby but a statement of style and commitment.

My Babiie at Harrogate 2023

The MB500i will stand apart from the crowd with its distinctive blend of elegance and practicality. This travel system is not just about getting from A to B but doing it in style, comfort and safety. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, from the quilted fabrics to the sleek frames, it caters to the discerning tastes of modern parents who still value aesthetics.

The MB500i is a testament to innovative design with its elegant and modern appearance, but it’s not all about looks; this travel system is packed with advanced features that truly elevate the travel experience for both parent and baby.

Baby’s safety is an absolute non-negotiable and the MB500i ensures you can trust in its protection. One of its standout features is the iSize compatibility, which meets the latest ECE R129 safety regulations for car seats and is further iSize certified, meaning more rigorous testing at higher speeds, more advanced crash test dummies and rollover testing. With the MB500i you can rest easy knowing that little one is cocooned in safety during every journey.

The included infant carrier is both seatbelt and ISOFIX installable and attaches easily to the chassis, offering seamless transitions between car and strolling.

The MB500i doesn’t just prioritize safety but it also redefines the concept of comfort. Parenting is a 24/7 job and this travel system aims to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible, both for parents and their little ones. The MB500i features a spacious and cosy seat completely with multiple recline positions. Whether they want to sit up and explore the world or take a peaceful nap, this system can adapt to their needs. The seat unit is also able to be both parent or world-facing to further accommodate both needs.

Height adjustable push handles, a handy viewing window and a large shopping basket ensure convenience and comfort for the parents. Manoeuvrability is key for any travel system and the MB500i excels in this department with its agile design and responsive wheels making navigating streets and tight corners a breeze. The all-round wheel suspension ensures a smooth ride across different terrains. So parents can say goodbye to the hassles of a bumpy ride and embrace the effortless mobility of the MB500i.

The MB500i also makes stowing and going a breeze with its compact fold and carry handle. The bassinet that comes with the travel system is also collapsible for ultimate storage.

Parenthood is a journey of love and the My Babiie MB500i iSize Travel System is here to make that journey even more special. It’s not just a travel system but a stylish statement that reflects your commitment to providing the best for little one.

Contact info@mybabiie.com to find out more.

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