Axkid, a trusted name in the world of child safety and car seats, is proud to introduce the Enviro collection.

A remarkable range of eco-conscious infant and toddler car seats that redefine convenience, safety, and sustainability. With a focus on Swedish safety standards and innovative design, the Envirobaby infant car seat and the Envirokid toddler car seat offer retailers and consumers alike an opportunity to make a sustainable choicewithout compromising on quality. With the Envirobase at its core, crafted from the sustainable BioLite material, this system offers one base and two seats, simplifying your journey from infancy to toddler years and beyond.

Axkid Envirobaby Car Seat

Compatibility: The Envirobaby is designed to be compatible with almost all stroller brands on the market, eliminating compatibility concerns and making life easier for parents on the go.

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Lightweight Design: Its lightweight construction ensures effortless portability, allowing parents to seamlessly transport their baby from the car to the stroller.

Conscious Comfort: BioLite materials offer premium comfort while reducing the carbon footprint, making it a sustainable and comfortable choice for infants.

Flexible Installation Choices: Parents can choose between securely clicking the carrier onto the Envirobase or opting for traditional seat belt installation, adapting to different car types and situations.

Axkid Envirokid Car Seat

Dynamic Headrest Technology: The internal harness and headrest adapt to your child’s size for the perfect fit, ensuring optimal safety during every journey.

Easy Click-on Installation:Effortlessly switch the seat between cars with one-click installation on the Envirobase, offering unparalleled convenience for busy parents.

Advanced Sleep Well System:Multiple recline settings, adjustable during travel, ensure ultimate comfort on long rides, making it a dream for both parents and children.

Extendable Legroom: With six adjustable legroom settings, the Envirokid grows with your child up to 4 years, offering comfort and safety as they grow.

By utilising BioLite in the Enviro collection, manufacturers can proudly claim a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to traditional plastics. Specifically, each Envirobaby seat generates only 1.58kg CO2 eq./kg, significantly less than the conventional 2.29kg CO2 eq./kg. This reduction in carbon footprint aligns with consumer preferences for eco-friendly products and can serve as a unique selling point for businesses. BioLite’s natural low density offers lightweight yet robust alternatives to traditional talc-reinforced plastics. This innovation ensures that safety and functionality are never compromised, providing businesses with products that meet rigorous safety standards while remaining environmentally responsible.

Axkid’s Enviro collection represents a new era in sustainable, family-friendly travel. With their commitment to safety, comfort and the environment. Axkid sets the standard for responsible choices in the baby travel industry. Retailers can now offer their customers products that align with today’s values, making a statement for the future of our planet.

Axkid Enviro collection will be available to retailers nationwide from the 23rd October.

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