Experts in iconic and timeless soft toys, Kaloo, is delighted to launch a gorgeous collection, specifically designed to soothe babies.

Welcoming, Doux Sommeil, thoughtfully created to help little ones drift off into the sweetest of dreams – from comfort, gentle music, soothing lights and the most charming sheep designs – it’s the most adorable new range.

Whether it is a night-time sleep or a daytime nap, baby will be comforted by their cutest of companions.  With essential items including everything from comforters and blankets to white noise and nightlights, these special little sheep are sure not to leave little one’s side. Ideal to help aid parents when establishing a bedtime routine from the very beginning, and as their little ones grow.

Making its debut, the Sheep Soothing Sound Plush is sure to be loved by both parents and bubbas alike. Featuring 6 calming sounds that play from its belly (heartbeats, cicadas, rain, waves, cat purring and hair dryer) and a cry detector, baby will be soothed before, during and after their slumber. 

Dedicated to supporting baby’s sleep, the charming collection also includes the USB chargeable Nomad Sheep Nightlight. Providing a gentle moon-light glow, this sweet little sheep carries a nightlight within its bag (that is easily removed at the back, ideal for washing) that can be turned on and off with a simple touch of its tummy. 

Another highlight in the collection, the Nomad Musical Plush Sleepy Sheep is ideal for creating a peaceful night’s sleep right from the beginning. Simply pull the pompom on its back and this adorable soft fabric plush will play the sweet nursery rhyme, Hush Little Baby. Easy to hang via its ribbon loop, the Musical Plush can be taken anywhere, ensuring a restful sleep, even if little one is way from home. 

To further add calmness into bedtime, the Doux Sommeil range also includes the My First Sleeping Ritual Box, a perfect gift for any parent. The box includes an adorable swaddle blanket, a charming fabric picture book and comforting mini soft sheep that can be used by parents to gently stroke and sooth little dreamers. Ensuring an optimal bedtime ritual, baby can be cosily wrapped in its swaddle whilst looking  through the soft story book with mum and dad, all whilst being gently soothed by their soft sheep companion as they drift into a relaxing sleep! 

Not forgetting little ones first comforter; the collection also includes the soft and adorable, Sheep Maxi Comforter. Multifunctional, this comforter can be used as a friendly companion, blanket or soother that can be easily gripped thanks to its little side knot. Made from a delicate organic cotton, the comforter, which features a calming cloud print, will quickly become an essential for bedtime for any baby. 

Kaloo’s spokesperson commented: ‘We are so pleased to launch the Doux Sommeil collection in the UK! The range includes so many adorable characters that will really help little ones settle. Dedicated to helping with the all-important sleep routine, this range will ensure baby is soothed from the first moments and as they grow!’

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