A leading toy brand reveals insight into parenting milestones and partners with ex-England Lioness and new mum Ellen White to celebrate the magic of the journey.

A survey of UK parents of children ages four months to four years, commissioned by toy brand VTech Baby, reveals the milestone mindset both before and after having a child. In partnership with ex-England Lioness and new mum, Ellen White, the campaign shows that goals are often re-prioritised during parenthood. VTech Baby encourages celebrating not only milestones, but the little moments of magic that can be found along the way.

Before parenthood
Seventy per cent of those surveyed said that pre-parenthood, they set themselves personal milestones, and 91 per cent said that these motivated them to achieve more in life. When asked what the biggest influence behind these milestones was, 46 per cent said ‘family’, with only 10 per cent stating they were motivated by friends and just seven per cent by experts. Overall, many stated that they set goals for their own personal development and growth, and 69 per cent said these were not set on the expectations of others.

In a new role
Unsurprisingly, a huge 86 per cent of those surveyed said that their idea of milestones changed once they had a baby. When asked in what way, verbatim answers included:
“My personal goals became less important.”, “I was more relaxed, realistic and made them more achievable.”, “I measure success differently now.”, “My priorities changed, so my milestones reflected that.”

This is a sentiment that ex-England Lioness – and now new mum – Ellen White can relate to. She says:
“As a professional footballer, I have always had a mindset-orientated focus which has driven me to achieve things, sometimes against the odds. But there is no doubt that having a baby, whose needs I want to put before my own, not only changes that focus but has given me an incredible sense of perspective and has brought huge joy. It is so wonderful to see Maeve as she grows and develops – such a delight to watch as she achieves, not just the big milestones such as sleeping through the night and sitting up, but also the small moments of magic, like a little smile.”

Supporting next steps
Forty-five per cent of parents said that they transferred their milestone mindset to their baby, with 69 per cent saying they researched the key milestones before their baby was born. Eighty-eight per cent said that they purchased toys to encourage and develop their little ones along the way, and of those, 86 per cent said those toys worked in supporting their little ones to achieve a next step.

Rebecca Lazarus, UK Marketing Manager for VTech Baby comments on the campaign; “Whilst it is wonderful to see that 87 per cent of those surveyed said it was reassuring to buy toys from well-established, trusted brands who research and develop their products specifically for milestones, we totally recognise that it’s not all about the big achievements. Very often it is the complete opposite, with such joy often being found in the little daily moments. All babies are unique, and each and every one of them develops at a different rate. We encourage parents to relax and enjoy the journey without worrying or comparing.”

VTech Baby has a range of toys designed specifically to support little ones as they grow and develop. From the first time that their eyes light up in recognition of a loving face or a familiar toy, to the photo-worthy instances of starting to crawl or walk, VTech Baby is on hand to gently support and develop – as well as adding fun and laughter.

To view VTech Baby’s range of toys, including more of those designed to encourage the magic of milestones, visit www.vtech.co.uk

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