Sustainable nursery furniture from SBROUT, helping to create a better future for our children.

Choosing the right nursery furniture is important for a child’s comfort as well as creating that wonderful dream nursery every parent dreams of. But as more people look to adopt environmental and sustainable practices, this has become another important consideration.

This SBROUT 6-in-1 modular furniture piece can be used for years, saving items of outgrown children’s furniture from ending up in landfill. It is made from sustainable rubberwood and uses only small amounts of plastic for minimum impact on the environment.

From Birth

The SBROUT starts its life as a crib, which is suitable for use from your baby’s very first night at home. Complete with a mattress, it creates the perfect place for your newborn to sleep safely up until around 6 months. With lockable, swivel wheels, it can be moved from room to room with ease, saving money on multiple sleep solutions around the home.

From 6 Months

From around 6 months old, baby can enjoy extra growing room by changing the SBROUT into a space saving cot mode. This is suitable for use up until baby is around 2 years old.

Play Time

Once baby has outgrown the cot, the SBROUT is transformed into a pull-along toy cart for a fun, neat toy storage solution.

Primary School

Perfect for crafts, colouring, and their very first homework tasks, the SBROUT can be transformed into a desk and chair. It comes complete with a cushion for added comfort.

Bedroom Storage

Transform the SBROUT into a shelving unit for your growing child to display books, photos and their favourite items.

And Beyond

Tested to a high standard, the SBROUT can be used as a chair for teenagers to listen to music and relax in. 

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