Following a global study involving babies* between 0-4 months trying pacifiers for the first time, BIBS is excited to announce that an impressive 98% accepted at least one of the four pacifiers from their Try-It Collection.

As we know, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding the right pacifier for your baby. The BIBS Try-It Collection helps make the discovery process easier by offering four of their best-sellers (Colour, De Lux, Couture, and Supreme) featuring different shield designs, nipple shapes, and materials, so that every baby can find their perfect match. This rating confirms the Try-It Collection as a trusted choice for parents guiding their little ones on this exploration journey, highlighting its convenience and remarkable ability to help find the right pacifier.

“I am so pleased that my daughter accepted one of the pacifiers from the BIBS Try-It Collection. It’s a huge relief for us and has led to a calmer child who sleeps longer and finds great comfort with her pacifier.”

A Journey Through Time

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The results of this study not only represent a significant milestone for BIBS, but also inspired them to revisit the rich history that has endeared their Try-It Collection to so many in the first place. Within this collection, the iconic Colour pacifier stands out, a time-tested favorite that has provided comfort and joy to little ones for over 40 years.

Refreshing an Icon

In 2016, a new chapter for BIBS unfolded when Larsen and the design team recognised the opportunity to update this iconic pacifier. With the utmost respect for its original design, he leveraged new 3D technologies to enhance its safety while refreshing the look for a more contemporary appeal, all while adopting a more environmentally friendly production process. These subtle yet significant tweaks breathed new life into a beloved classic, turning it into one of the best-selling pacifiers in key markets around the world. Some of these improvements included:

  • – Introducing new locking mechanisms and revising component connections for increased safety
  • – Updating the color palette for a more modern and stylish appearance
  • – Transitioning from shiny plastic to a softer matte finish, honoring classic Scandinavian design principles
  • – Enhancing the handle’s integration with the shield, in compliance with new standards
  • – Transforming the ‘green’ Glow pacifiers into a more luminous white hue
  • – Adding carefully designed branding to leave a lasting impression

While these optimizations have preserved the Colour pacifier as a safe and stylish classic, they also saw the need to broaden their range to better suit the unique needs and personal tastes of every baby. As a result, today they offer a wide variety of high-quality pacifiers in different shield designs, sizes, materials, nipple options, and colours – truly offering a pacifier for every baby.

*The 2023 study comprised 93 babies across 11 countries

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