The unveiling of Movekid promises to transform family journeys with its unparalleled blend of safety, adaptability, and comfort.

Axkid Movekid stands as a testament to Swedish innovation, combining top-tier safety standards with thoughtful design, ensuring a seamless fit into the lives of families on the move. Crafted to grow alongside your family, this compact car seat is more than just a safety solution—it’s a peace-of-mind companion for every adventure.

What sets Movekid apart is its unwavering commitment to safety. Engineered in compliance with safety standard R129 and endorsed by the prestigious Swedish Plus Test certification, this car seat meets the highest safety benchmarks within the Axkid range. From its infancy support inlays to its adaptable design catering to children up to 125 cm or 36 kg, Movekid guarantees a secure and comfortable ride through every stage of childhood.

The comfort and practicality embedded in Movekid redefine the standard for car seats. Its 13-position headrest, cosy insert, and washable, durable fabrics ensure not only safety but also an unparalleled level of comfort for your little ones. Hassle-free cleaning and happy, smiling faces become the norm on every journey.

Key Features:

  • Extended Usability: Suitable up to 125cm, accommodating children up to 6-7 years and 36 kg.
  • Space & Design: Spacious seating area in a compact, adaptable design for various car models.
  • ASIP – Side Impact Protection: Premium protection during side-impact collisions, crafted in partnership with a renowned German crash institute.
  • Two Recline Positions: Flexibility for the perfect fit in both child and car, ensuring a snug and customised setup.

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