University Games, has taken another big step on its educational sojourn by acquiring The Learning Journey International, an award-winning maker of educational, sensory, active-play, electronic, and construction toys. JB and Debbie Frere, the founders of The Learning Journey, will continue to manage The Learning Journey, which is now a division of University Games.

“This is our 14th acquisition and one of our biggest,” noted Bob Moog, President of University Games. “There are so many reasons why this is an ideal fit for University Games that I can’t name them all, but I’ll try—a strong team, great products, access to new retail customers, 29 years of proven success in making interactive educational toys, and the primary reason: The Learning Journey shares our commitment to making toys and games that improve kids’ lives by combining fun and learning. How could we resist a product line that includes STEM-based roller coasters, talking shape sorters, and gear-driven dino-bots?” JB Frere, co-founder and President of The Learning Journey International, added, “University Games has the broadest domestic distribution of any game company and subsidiaries in the UK and Australia, so our products will now help even more children around the world than ever before.”

“One of the secrets of our success, although now it’s not a secret anymore, has been our ability to test products in our childcare centers,” said Debbie Frere, co-founder and CFO of The Learning Journey. “Having our own focus groups ensures that our new products are always kid-tested and kid-approved.”

The Learning Journey will continue to be based in Phoenix, AZ.

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