Effects of second hand car seats and use and aging of child restraint systems

Spanish Alliance AESVI, has carried out a scientific research report to analyse the situation and provide possible solutions.

The purchase of second-hand or used child restraint systems (CRS) through the Internet is a common practice that has not stopped growing in recent years and that, furthermore, and unfortunately, can be carried out without official control, without professional advice or warranty on the product. Consequently, it is possible to purchase products without instructions, incorrect assembly and even hygienic-sanitary problems.

This well-known situation generates a debate around the possibility that these child restraint systems used do not work properly in the event of a traffic accident and the minor occupants of the vehicles are exposed to a high risk that directly affects their safety and consequently to health.

To analyse the situation and provide possible solutions, the Spanish Alliance for Children’s Road Safety, AESVI, has carried out a scientific research report with the help of well-known experts such as Juan J. Alba from the department of mechanical engineering at the University of Zaragoza and Joan Forrellad, responsible crash test by Jane España and both members of AESVi.

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The study was carried out after acquiring ten second-hand child restraint systems through a random purchasing process, which have been examined by the same regulations with which they were approved, including verification of their behavior in the corresponding dynamic test of frontal impact.

The results showed that none of the child restraint systems acquired could have been approved in their current conditions. Specifically, it was possible to verify a notable deterioration in the protection capacity against impact, generating situations of very high risk for the user. The design of new regulations is suggested that guarantees the safety and rights of the consumer.

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