FanFinders, which owns and operates communities in the UK and US powered by its tech platform ( and boasting over 7 million members, has announced the acquisition of Close (

A leading British baby product manufacturer with a history of exceptional innovation, quality and eco-friendly design, Close (formerly Close Parent)’s collection includes reusable nappies, everyday baby essentials, bibs, baby mats and Caboo baby carriers.

“We are committed to delivering for both the members and brands in our markets, be it via our clever technology or in generating effective sampling opportunities,” said Alec Dobbie, FanFinders CEO.

“This acquisition represents a logical step on our path and in Close, we are proud to be the new custodians of a brand that already has such a fantastic legacy with parents.”

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The addition of Close to the FanFinders portfolio is part of an exciting period of growth for the business in recent years that has seen the acquisition of The Best for Baby review platform to join Your Baby Club in the UK and US, the launch of the Your Baby Box sampling programme and a planned expansion into the beauty market in 2024.

“Given the success of our Your Baby Box sampling programme over the past year, where we’ve connected a host of leading brand partners to parents directly in their homes, and our ongoing commitment to delivering personalised experiences across different markets, this opportunity to start building up our own commerce offering is enormous,” added Adam Gillett, FanFinders co-founder and CCO.

“Not only does Close already have dedicated, loyal fans across multiple countries, but their product collection comes from a manufacturing process that is based around sustainability and good ethics.”

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