Pippeta leads the way with Breastfeeding Beauties campaign

Activity Aims to Empower Mums for World Breastfeeding in Public Day.

Pippeta, the brand behind award-winning hands-free breast pumps, is inviting mothers from around the world to share their breastfeeding moments on social media using the hashtag #BreastfeedingBeauties.This collective effort aims to create a supportive online community that normalises and celebrates breastfeeding in public.
The activity is being championed by TV personality and breastfeeding advocate Ferne McCannwho has openly discussed her breastfeeding journey; together with speaker and social media influencer, Danielle Facey, AKA The Breastfeeding Mentor. The movement is designed to facilitate solidarity and support, so women feel comfortable to breastfeed whenever and wherever they need to.
Pippeta Founder, Aimee Cestrone commented: “Women want to feel comfortable when breastfeeding in a public space. But worries about being judged and embarrassment around breastfeeding when out and about, have been cited as a reason to only breastfeed for a short time, or not at all. “Being a mum is all kinds of wonderful but can also be hard – emotionally, physically and financially! There are countless joys, but also stresses and strains which can take a toll on new parents, and we feel that the most basic of necessities – feeding – should not be one of those stresses.”
Commenting further on the campaign, Danielle Facey says: “As a brand, Pippeta shares my personal mission to empower and support breastfeeding mothers to thrive on their nursing and pumping journeys.
“In a society that often makes new mums feel uncomfortable about feeding babies in public, making mums feel as though they should ‘cover up’ or even go into the toilets to feed, Pippeta believes that breast-milk-feeding should be supported and made as easy as possible. Together, this Breastfeeding in Public Day, we want to make a stand for change.”
The #BreastfeedingBeauties campaign seeks to challenge current stereotypes and promote a positive narrative around breastfeeding by encouraging mothers to embrace their beauty, strength, and confidence while nursing.
The thought-provoking social campaign features its own custom-made AR Instagram story filter. It will also include a series of empowering positive stories and testimonials from mothers who have overcome societal barriers and embraced the beauty of breastfeeding in public. To gain widespread traction for the campaign and lobby to change perceptions, social media followers will be encouraged to share their own stories, using the brand’s filter, and communicate messages of support using the #BreastfeedingBeauties hashtag. Additionally, users can change their Facebook profile picture or feature the eye-catching campaign logo on their social feeds to demonstrate a visual representation of their solidarity and spark conversation. 

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