Nuby is partnering with FareShare, the UK’s biggest food waste charity, to fund the distribution of up to 250,000 meals* to children who need them most. For every pack of Good Square Meal tableware sold, Nuby will fund a meal for a child via FareShare’s nationwide network of charities.

FareShare is the UK’s largest charity tackling the environmental problem of food waste for social good. It works with the food industry to take good to eat surplus food, that might otherwise be wasted, and redistribute it to 8,500 charities and community groups nationwide. 2,000 of these are school clubs and charities supporting children.

The Good Square Meal campaign starts on 1st May 2024 and will run for 12 months on and in major UK retailers such as ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons, Boots, Amazon and Smyths.

James Russell–Watson, Head of Marketing at Nuby, said: “20% of UK households with children have reported food insecurity and this number has more than doubled in the past 3 years**. Here at Nuby, we believe that every child deserves a good square meal, so we’ve partnered with FareShare to fund the equivalent of 250,000 meals* from sales of our Good Square Meal tableware range. We’ll also be encouraging our staff and customers to volunteer with FareShare and support the fantastic work they do.”

Polly Bianchi, Director of Fundraising at FareShare, said: “We are delighted that Nuby will be supporting us this year with the Good Square Meal campaign. The donation of so many meals for children will help us get good-to-eat food, which might otherwise go to waste, to those who need it. A huge proportion of the charities within our network support children and families, and they are working harder than ever to help those impacted by the cost-of-living crisis. Nuby’s generous support for FareShare will make a huge difference to our mission to get food to people who need it and make a positive difference to children across the country.”

Not only will Nuby’s campaign seek to help children facing food poverty, but it will also encourage families to create healthy low-cost recipes through their collaboration with prominent food-based influencers, My Little Food Critic and At Dad’s Table, who have a joint following of over 1/2 million. Shikha Gill, founder of My Little Food Critic, said: “I create my content to help inspire others with realistic and healthy food ideas for their children that are packed full of flavour and tasty for all the family to enjoy. I’m excited to be creating several unique recipes (with regional twists) and sharing lots of content across social media and my app throughout the duration of the campaign.”

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