Twice the Functionality, Twice the Appeal!

In recognising a growing trend amongst mothers purchasing two single. hands-free breast pumps,  Pippeta has updated its product offering to include a new Duo Pump Pack.
The Duo Pump Packs are available for both the Original and Compact pumps, offering stockists the opportunity to expand their breast pumping range and give customers more choice and affordability. The move demonstrates Pippeta’s commitment to providing consumers with high quality products at affordable prices.
Pippeta’s Founder, Aimee Cestrone commented: “Over the past months we’ve witnessed a steady increase in purchases of two pumps in one transaction. By introducing packs of two, our stockists will have a more appealing product solution, which customers want to buy.” “As a brand it’s important to me that Pippeta’s product offering empowers breastfeeding mothers -this is my driving force. My aim is to provide reasonably priced breast pumps that would seamlessly integrate into a mother’s life, allowing her to pump comfortably and efficiently, regardless of her location. Our Duo Packs are the next logical step – combining efficiency, comfort, convenience and affordability into one irresistible package.”

Pippeta’s success stems from creating quality hands-free breast pumps, without the premium price tag. They are designed to fit into a bra and have soft, flexible silicone breast shields that contour breast shape. They have 12-suction levels in all 4-modes which is industry leading, a long use time of 90-100 minutes and charge in just 2.5 hours. Every purchase comes with free support, from a fully qualified Lactation Consultant. Find out more at

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