Snughub offers quality, stylish, sustainable and gender-neutral baby & toddler goods crafted by boutique, independent UK businesses

Launching today, 26 April 2021, Snughub is an online marketplace designed to help modern parents find quality, stylish and sustainable baby and toddler goods created by small, independent UK retailers.

Founded by first-time mum, Sheeza Anjum, Snughub was set up to counter the over consumption and unsustainability typical of the baby and toddler market, and to help new parents find quality items quickly and easily.

“I became a mother in late 2019,” says Sheeza. “Online shopping was the only option available to me thanks to lockdown kicking in just a few months into my parenting journey and I became frustrated by how difficult it was to find eco-friendly, design-led and practical baby products in one space.

“The baby and toddler shopping space is busy, cluttered, and full of brightly coloured plastics or stereotypical gender conforming clothing. The retailers that I came across offer hundreds of products in dozens of categories, which can be overwhelming for a new parent, especially when the site is hard to navigate and search. It’s also very easy to be swayed to purchase products you don’t really need or those that are not based on a child’s development or wellbeing.

“Whilst there are a number of wonderful independent retailers in this space, creating beautiful handmade products, there is no one place to find them all, so I was compelled to streamline the experience to provide a one stop shopping solution for the style- and eco-conscious parent.”

Snughub believes in supporting small, local businesses that share the same commitment to offering high quality, durable, and environmentally friendly products without compromising on creativity or craftsmanship.

With huge value placed on slow fashion, Snughub carefully selects products that are developed with reuse in mind, are made using natural and sustainable materials, are non-toxic, gender-agnostic, ethically produced, and delivered in reusable or recyclable packaging to ensure minimum waste.
Many items are also multi-purpose, providing innovative solutions for modern parenting problems.

From avant grade teething jewellery, to one-of-a-kind gluten-free play dough kits, Snughub currently features products from Bizzi Growin, Curve Lab, The Neutral Baby Co. and Little Stories, among others. Its range of products covers clothing, playtime, mealtime, bathtime, changing, bedtime, nursery, travel and gifts.

Snughub’s product collections are set to grow further over the coming months as it develops and extends its network of trusted partners.

The Snughub website delivers on ease of use, with a clean, contemporary, aesthetically pleasing layout. It features helpful tips on product pages and a dedicated blog, offering insights and guidance for new parents.

Boasting free delivery nationwide with no minimum spend, all Snughub purchases will fit seamlessly into any modern home and lead to a brighter future for both little ones and their families.

To find out more or to explore Snughub’s range, visit: You can also find Snughub on Facebook @Snughub and Instagram @snughub

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