CYBEX launches Melio Street

Street art meets pop culture Melio Street, a new and edgy fashion collection taking inspiration from global street art.

From New York to Tokyo, CYBEX Melio Street is a tribute to graffiti artists, where high fashion meets an urban vibe. Global graffiti artists played a major influence on the collection, including contemporary Californian artist, Retna.

Taking inspiration from dreamers and creators worldwide, CYBEX has created its very own street art style to share with the world. Design elements from calligraphy and Shibuya street style, to Korean typography and bold line work, make striking elements in this fashion collection, perfectly representing contemporary street art.

From the wheels to the frame, secret messages pop over the carry cot and stroller seat pack while bright orange highlights add emphasis to the design. A graffiti-inspired pattern appears to move as light strikes the fabric, creating a new look every time.

Melio Street is ideal for urban professionals who are looking for something a little bit edgier and is available in two modern colours: Real Black and Olive Green.

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