Silver Cross launches first ever car seat recycling scheme

Silver Cross to offer its customers a car seat recycling service, which will launch during Recycle Week 2021.

As part of its ongoing efforts to become even more sustainable, Silver Cross is the first and only brand to offer its customers a car seat recycling service, which will launch during Recycle Week 2021.

For safety reasons, car seats cannot be sold or passed on for second-hand use, so the new Silver Cross recycling service will stop them from ending up in landfill at the end of their life span.

Silver Cross customers who no longer need their car seat can book a collection for it to be recycled free of charge. At the recycling plant, the team use specialist lasers to separate the recyclable materials, which can then be used in the production of other products and packaging across a variety of industries – with absolutely nothing going to landfill.
David Abbott, Director of Marketing at Silver Cross, says “As a brand, we’re making a conscious effort to become even more sustainable through our products, packaging and recycling processes. We’re incredibly proud to offer the first and only car seat recycling scheme, which will reduce waste and allow materials to be re-used.”

In addition, Silver Cross has expanded its valet and service initiative to include its sister brand Micralite.

Customers can send in their used Silver Cross or Micralite pram or pushchair for a complete road test and premium valet. It is then returned like new so parents can keep using it or pass it on, knowing it is safe and looking its best.
Customers who don’t intend to reuse or resell their pram have the option to donate it to a family in need. Those who choose this option can return their pram free of charge for a full valet and service, before it’s donated to Silver Cross and Micralite’s partner charity, Baby Basics UK.

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