Femtech leader Elvie has launched its latest product in the UK, the Elvie Stride.

The Stride was launched in the USA last year to great acclaim and is now available for pre-order in the UK via Elvie’s exclusive distributor, bébélephant. The Stride will be available to the public from September.

The Elvie Stride is a hands free, hospital grade electric breast pump (5oz / 150ml), with noise reduction technology that can be connected to an App for additional features. Offering powerful, hospital grade performance, in a portable design, the Stride liberates its users from sockets and wires enabling the user to express efficiently wherever convenient – taking pumping in your stride.

With 10 intensity setting and weighing less than 150g per cup, Elvie Stride feels lightweight and compact inside the bra. The discreet silhouette looks natural under clothing and will not weigh the user down while collecting milk.

Elvie Stride comes in a single and double model and is available exclusively via UK Distributors bébélephant.

info@bebelephant.com | 020 8202 1467 | bebelephant.com

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