Graco is proud to launch, ‘Your Journey to Sleep’, a section on its popular The Graco Village microsite dedicated to support parents with baby sleep.

The section provides information, personal experiences and bespoke research insights while signposting parents to experts for additional information. Graco worked with Mother & Baby, The Mum Club and sleep expert Emily McInnes, ‘The Sound Asleep Coach’ to create bespoke and useful content for the site. 

The brand listened to new parents to identify relevant issues and to open up dialogue with parents, to show them that however much they might be struggling, there is support and they are not alone. 

Working with Mother & Baby, Graco found that 87% of parents have struggled with broken sleep since having a baby and nearly half admit that broken sleep was worse than they had imagined it would be.  69% agreed that managing their baby’s sleep routine was more complex than they thought it would be.

Commenting on the site, Luisa Rollins-Svenson said: ‘After a highly successful launch last year, we are proud to be developing our microsite to further support couples as they journey through parenthood. Sleep is such a big issue for parents, with so many questions and uncertainties it was a clear choice for how we could add more valuable content to our Graco Village microsite’. 

The site includes advice from Emily, addressing questions around daytime sleep routines, sleeping through the night (and the pressures on parents to reach this milestone), swaddling, blankets and pillows, safer sleep positions and room temperature. Graco is proud to extend its support to the charity PANDAs and to collaborate with Sweet Dreamers on the site too.

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