First Discoveries with Mary Meyer

Part of Baby Einstein First Discoveries, Cal’s Chime Ball packs a lot of play and imagination in a sweet and easy-to-grab package.

Babies can explore colours, textures, and both crinkle and chime sounds, all while interacting with Cal’s expressive face. Cal’s chime ball is 6” (15cm) wide.

Sweet Soothies are little blankets with big personalities, with a range of six blankets to choose from: latte, rainbow, pineapple, ice cream cone, watermelon, and cactus. Each Sweet Soothie has a sewn-in soft toy with an embroidered face and the blanket features fun, original illustrations. Each blanket is 10” (25.5cm) square.

Tinsel Toes Unicorn is ready for the chill of winter with a knit scarf and warm coat of silver-highlighted plush. Dapper details include a (perhaps magical?) spiral horn, glittering hoof pads, and shimmer in its scarf. This 14” (35.5cm) toy also has weighted limbs so it sits and flops easily.


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