Azaria reveals UK household habits in 2021

Azaria, one of the UK’s leading family specialist PR and Marketing agencies, publishes its annual Family Report, giving exclusive insight into UK family life, as we head further into 2021.

Surveying over 2,000 parents this month, via market research specialists Mumsviews, Azaria highlights the habits of the average UK parent. From shopping behaviours to social media activity and the effects of lockdown restrictions, Azaria shares its observations to help brands understand their consumer’s mind, during a period of significant change. 

Quality family time was the key outcome, with overall agreement that 2020 created opportunities for families to spend quality family time together, like never before. 

Key take-outs:

68% of parents said lockdown had impacted their mental health. As a result, almost half surveyed will practice more self-care in the future.

8 out of 10 have started cooking or baking more often. 

Over 50% expressed that they are loyal to a brand.

6 out of 10 purchase a product after seeing a social media advertisement.

Amber Steventon, Managing Director says: “It has never been more interesting to run our annual Family Report. In a year that will go down in history for many reasons, our survey reflected the positive and negative impact of the situation.

“Whilst the digital world connects families, friends, colleagues and businesses, the desire to meet, see smiles and hug remains stronger than ever. One thing we know is that people will continue to have babies and brands that can adapt will remain strong.”

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For more information on Azaria visit, follow what they are up to @azaria_ltd and say hi to Amber and the Team at 

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