Axkid proudly announce ADAC Test Score

Best total score for an extended rear-facing car seat ever tested in ADAC

Axkid ONE keeps pushing limits for innovation, safety and product development, this time with the confirmation from the prestigious ADAC-test. Axkid ONE is now proclaimed as the best extended rear-facing car seat EVER tested in ADAC. 

Axkid ONE proves that you could combine safety, comfort, easy handling and high quality to improve safety standards. Even though the Axkid ONE was tested with longer, heavier and larger crash safety dolls than any other rear-facing ISOFIX car seat, the safety results shown 1.6 was impressive.

After this test in ADAC Axkid can confirm that Axkid ONE has brought new safety standards to the market. The crash test was conducted with Q1, Q3 AND Q6 crash dolls, this compared to other rear-facing ISOFIX car seats that only test with Q1 and Q3.

So, with this results in mind, and if you want to keep your child safe and rear-faced for as long as possible, they proudly say – “there is only ONE”.

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