The Insights Family predict Christmas 2021 to be digital advertising tipping point

The latest iteration of The Insights Family media planning tool enables clients to predict Christmas & Holiday advertising and media trends.

In the last 4 years The Insights Family have been tracking the attitudes, behaviours, and consumptions of kids, parents, and families. Their data shows that not only are kids consuming more content digitally but forming stronger preferences within a digital environment.

According to their latest data kids are also most likely to see their favourite advert digitally too, with 46% reporting to see their favourite advert on either YouTube, a social platform, website, or app, compared to 39% who see their favourite advert on TV.

The Insights Family have also announced the latest evolution of their ground-breaking media planning tool – the Media Mix Compass

The tool is the only real-time solution available which compares 11 media types and up to 30,000 media channels globally. The revolutionary tool enables decision makers to not just compare types of mediums such as YouTube and Gaming, but to delve even deeper and compare specific channels such as KSI as a YouTube channel versus Roblox.

This new evolution of the media planning tool has seen the company’s in-house data science team bring frequency into the formula – meaning now the tool analyses 3-18s kids media behaviour by preference, time spent, frequency, and reach for each media type and platform.

The latest version of the tool is released in time for brands Q3/Q4 planning, which sees up to three-quarters (equivalent to $3.2bn) spent around the Christmas and Holiday season.

Nick Richardson, Founder & CEO, The Insights Family comments,

“The speed of change in the media consumption of kids, tweens, and teens is quite incredible. Our remarkable team of researchers, developers, and data scientists continue to collaborate with some of the world’s biggest brands, media owners, and agencies to enable them to reach, engage and drive ROI with their campaigns”

The Insights Family Media Planning Playbook – also newly released – is the first of its kind and is designed to provide brands and agencies with an update of the key trends including latest viewing habits, the power of a Metaverse and family gaming. The Playbook also provides an understanding of the end-to-end campaign process, and how insights have to play in maximising ROI this Christmas.

To download The Insights Family® Media Planning Playbook visit:   

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