Get ready to ‘RE-START’ with Kind + Jugend

Approximately 180 companies from around 20 countries to exhibit at RE-START EDITION

The RE-START EDITION of Kind + Jugend from 9 to 11 September 2021 will provide a condensed overview of the collections of approximately 180 companies from around 20 countries in the home textiles, decoration, clothing, prams and children’s car seats segments. Exhibitors will be travelling to the event from Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Denmark and other European countries to showcase new launches for baby and toddler outfitting. Lässig, Thule, Engel, Sterntaler and Thermobaby will be among the companies and brands representing directions such as sustainable products and concepts, an area that is set to be one of the major future issues. Health and safety remains a high concern for parents. Here companies such as Agu Baby and Dooky Xplorys BV offer new ideas. Prams and car seats will be presented by Osann, Thor and Thule, among other companies. Numerous manufacturers will present premium accessories and products with lovingly crafted details that make children’s and parents’ lives not just easier, but also more beautiful. The latest list of exhibitors appearing at the Restart Edition of Kind + Jugend can be viewed on the trade fair’s website to enable visitors to prepare their visit well.

The trade fair will also host an outstanding line-up of talks and discussions at its Trend Forum. Industry experts will shed light on data and facts from the manufacturing industry and the retail sector. They will look ahead to the future and provide assistance with facing new challenges.

In the morning of the first day of the trade fair, Claudia Lässig from Lässig GmbH, Tomma Rabach from Rabach Kommunikation and an expert from the Association of the German Nursery Products Industry (BDKH) will answer questions from host Astrid Specht from the trade journal 1st Steps on the topic of the baby outfitting industry in transition.

Social media is becoming increasingly important as a communication and sales channel for companies in the baby and toddler outfitting segment. Ulrich Esch from Rheinfaktor, the agency that manages the social media activities for Kind + Jugend, will share some insights into the opportunities. Influencer collaborations are another means to generate attention. Here Miriam Wiederer from Echte Mamas will offer some tips for partnerships and some ideas. Online marketing is also an area where many businesses still have potential for development. The Trend Forum will highlight its relevance for the industry as an important sales strategy.

Experts from TrendBible always get a warm welcome at Kind + Jugend because they shed light on the latest trends and directions, and present them in an international comparison. Jenna Galley, one of the trend editors from the TrendBible team, will focus on macro trends for 2022 in Part 1 of her talk and design trends for 2022 in Part 2.  

Sustainability is a concern for people in all areas of life and one that is particularly significant when it comes to the next generations. Nils Bader, the founder of the Green Product Award, will discuss the importance of international networks and present trends and examples. He will devote another talk to sustainable product design. Federica Suess from Etika, an initiative by the BDKH, will explain how to create a sustainability plan in five steps.

“An Evergreen Generation” is the title that Jenny Kieras from The Insights Family has chosen for her talk at the Trend Forum. She will focus on a new generation of parents and children who want to make the world a better place and are questioning both consumption habits and patterns of behaviour. Her talk will ask what influence consumers can exert when it comes to promoting sustainability.

To conclude the second day of the trade fair, Nils Borghs from the planning consultancy planungsbüro vierfahrt will present the entries chosen for this year’s Selection Kids Design Award. The contest attracted submissions from numerous young designers once again in 2021. A jury of experts will judge the ten best designs, which will be showcased in the Trend Forum at the Restart Edition of Kind + Jugend.

All the sessions on the stage of the Trend Forum can be followed live on the digital platform Kind + Jugend @home, which will be available until the end of October. Those wanting to view the exhibitors’ collections and the talks from the Trend Forum merely need to register on the website.

All the information on attending the trade fair, digital ticketing and the admission regulations can be found on the Kind + Jugend website:

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