Travel safely, here, there, everywhere with Graco as new safety campaign launched.

As school restarts and parenting life picks up apace, Graco reveals the recipe for happy car journeys with children, as families get ready to travel here, there and everywhere again.

Research with Graco’s Instagram followers revealed three key considerations when taking car journeys: safety, entertainment and cleanliness.

Keen to make parent’s lives easier, Graco’s Car Seat Safety microsite introduces advice using light-hearted humour, informative videos and simplified safety messages via a memorable H.A.P.P.Y acronym.

In collaboration with Halfords, Aqua Wipes, various media outlets including Dadsnet and a range of parent influencers, the campaign represents an authentic perspective, sharing parents’ genius hacks and mishaps when aiming to keep their children safe, clean and entertained when on the road.

Keeping it safe

Safety is often an overlooked aspect, with 56% of Graco’s social media followers admitting to always rushing to get out, but 98% admitting safety is their highest priority.

Working closely with Halfords, the microsite links to fitting advice and a portfolio of products to help parents and children safely stow away those all-important gadgets, snack pots, and toys when not in use.

Sharon Morrison, Graco Senior Product & Fashion Manager for EMEA explains: “There are some things we all do without realising it could compromise on in-car safety. For example, 52% of our followers admit their child carries an electronic gadget in their hands, not knowing that in the event of a crash the gadget could become a dangerous missile. Halfords is our safety partner because they go above and beyond with fitting advice, aftersales service and offer a great range of safety information and products available to buy.”

Keeping it clean

82% of Graco’s followers try to keep their child car seats clean on a regular basis. 83% said a pack of baby wipes is their go-to solution, using them for pretty much everything – sticky hands and faces, wiping down the car seat, the dashboard, backs of seats and muddy boots! With 65% stowing snacks ahead of a long journey, it’s no surprise a pack of wipes is essential. Graco is collaborating with Aqua Wipes on social media to bring these findings to life.

Keeping it fun

When it comes to entertainment, 62% of Graco’s followers take an electronic gadget and 62% call on a good old-fashioned sing-along to bust boredom. Graco has set up a Spotify playlist – Kids in Car Karaoke of the tunes their followers said are family favourites. It includes all the classics such as Baby Shark and the Poo Poo song.

Graco’s Sharon Morrison continued: “Consumers can head to our social media channels or Graco’s Car Seat Safety microsite to see everyday tips and tricks when it comes to car safety measures, for happy journeys as you travel here, there and everywhere as a family. We are keen to hear from real parents to learn their stress-busting hacks and laugh at their mishaps. To share your experiences with entertainment, safety and keeping the car clean, tag @Graco_UK and use #GracoHappyJourneys. Every which way we’ve got you!”


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