The team at Ickle Bubba are celebrating, as this month marks 10 years since the business first opened its doors.

Having stayed true to its original objective, to give expecting families the chance to own a high-end travel system that offers effortless style and exceptional functionality at an affordable price, the brand has truly become known and trusted over the last decade to offer great products and even better value. 

Across the ten years to date, Ickle Bubba has gone from strength to strength and now has a fast-growing portfolio of affordable, functional, and stylish products, across multiple categories. 

Since 2013, the brand has expanded on its original range of Travel systems and has since sold 6 styles of Stroller, 6 different car seats, 5 stunning furniture ranges, 5 striking interior collections and a wide selection of accessories. In total, Ickle Bubba has supported over 500,000 families through its stylish and affordable products.

A truly successful ten years, the brand has grown to a team of 40, with its HQ now in large office space in Swansea. The wide range of products are available across the UK, as well as across mainland Europe, and in 2021 the brand entered Australia. International sales now represent almost 10% of total sales.

Speaking about the significant milestone, Leuan Rowell, Ickle Bubba’s Managing Director said: 

“We have come a long way since we first unveiled the Stomp pushchair ten years ago and I could not be prouder of what we have achieved since. As a brand, we’ve grown to be the third most searched nursery brand in the UK, and I am pleased to say that we have stuck to our mission to represent great value to the consumer. It is cliched, but we literally started out of our garage at home ten years ago, so to now be selling our products across almost all relevant national retailers, a wide range of independents and internationally, is a great achievement.” 

He continued: Over the next decade we hope to further deepen our standing in all the markets we operate as a nursery brand recognised for offering exceptional value, style and convenience. Achieving this through a refreshed product range, supported by marketing and caring parental support and advice. Internally, we are developing our people strategy to make Ickle Bubba a great place to work, with a culture and environment that supports our people and the business itself to achieve their goals.”

Happy Birthday Ickle Bubba!


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