Life has got a whole lot cosier for little ones with the launch of the brand new VOKSI Adventure. The perfect addition to families who like to explore nature and spend time outside all year round.

This brand new footmuff is one of a kind due to its design innovations, prioritising warmth whilst allowing little ones the flexibility of having their hands free to play with toys or easily snack!

Thinner and warmer than ever the Voksi Adventure is a super light, and windproof footmuff that keeps 0–3-year-olds cosy in the colder months. This high quality down filled footmuff has been cleverly created with a unique box construction that prevents the cold from getting in. With revolutionary arm openings that can be opened and closed with a zip, kids can take an active part in what is happening around them while keeping warm inside.

The fibres cleverly create air pockets that trap the warmth providing maximum insolation, and the outer fabric is coated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO making it water repellent.

The unique design of the back opening means that the Adventure fits all different harnesses, and is thus perfect for both prams, bicycle prams, and sleds. 

All the materials in Voksi Adventure are OEKO-TEX®standard 100, class 1 certified.

The VOKSI Adventure comes in 3 colours black, dark sea green and poppy blue.

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