Consumer Demand Drives Natural Family Cleaning Brand’s Expansion in Major Supermarkets

Plant-based cleaning brand Nimble announces new listing with retail giant Tesco in response to the growing demand for ethical and eco-friendly cleaning products.

Four of Nimble’s natural cleaning solutions landed in 506 Tesco stores nationwide this week (18th April), as well as being available to purchase online. 

The national launch reflects increased demand from consumers for affordable eco cleaning solutions, as research reveals that 90% of Tesco shoppers are concerned about using harmful cleaning products around their babies*.

Since the pandemic, 60% of parents say they are cleaning more frequently and thoroughly*, and this coupled with concerns about harmful cleaning solutions in the home has created unprecedented demand for Nimble’s products.

Developed by chemist and parent, Von Sy, the unique vegan brand provides safe and effective cleaning solutions for every family moment, to support with feeding, play and laundry from birth.  

The new listing this Spring is a key development in the brand’s strategic growth as its range of naturally derived cleaning products make a highly anticipated arrival onto Tesco’s shelves. 

Nimble’s bleach-free antibacterial surface cleaner, Sticky Stopper, patented Baby Bottle Cleaner, Milk Buster, allergen-free fabric softener and non-bio liquid detergent, Cuddle Lover and Laundry Lover will all be joining the competitive line up.

Since its initial launch on Amazon in 2015, the brand has continued to evolve and is thrilled to see its thoughtful packaging redesign come to fruition, aligning with the Tesco launch and Sainsbury’s expansion. The colourful new packaging and easy-to-read labels are sure to stand out on the shelf amongst competitors, with clear plant-based labelling to reassure and inform new parents looking for the eco-friendly, natural cleaning option. 

Founder of Nimble and chemist Von Sy, commented: “We are delighted to see demand for our products growing, and to be able to make them available to more parents. To see Nimble products available in 506 Tesco stores is such a huge step of success for the brand. I created the product range to keep my own children safe around the home, so seeing it easily available to so many households across the country is really a proud moment for me.”

He continued: “We know that increasingly parents are turning to plant-based solutions throughout their home and daily lives, so being able to pick up our cleaning range from the leading superstores has made thoughtful, ethically-minded cleaning easier than ever before.”

*Source: Nimble Shopper Survey (1,300 respondents), June 2020

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