This free report by The Insights Family highlights key trends in Europe shaping the family ecosystem in 2021.

To celebrate the launch of Parents Insights globally The Insights Family have released a new free report on “The Next Generation of Families”. 

The Insights Family now survey more than 6,970 kids and 3,400 different parents across the world every single week. From this data, it has become clear the family dynamic has changed forever.

Parents and children have been spending much more time with each other and generally, the family unit has become more tight-knit, with kids’ influence growing as a result. 

The report highlights trends such as:

  • The Future of Education: Parents attitudes have shifted, and they are now strongly considering alternative education options – with 42% of UK parents believing the future of education is online. 
  • Every brand now a family brand: Across 21 household expenditure categories, the number of German kids who influence their parents ‘a lot’ has increased across 18.
  • Is gaming set to displace TV as the go-family activity? As the next generation of Gen Z and Millennial parents have grown up as gamers themselves, The Insights Family data shows they are now passing down this hobby to their kids too, with 21% of parents in Spain gaming with their child. 
  • The Year of Wellbeing:  The prolonged situation of remote learning and social distancing remains a challenge for parents to keep kids motivated and active. Health and wellbeing concerns have increased 24% in Germany.
  • An Evergreen Generation: With kids having such influence on their parents and brands, it’s more important than ever to have a clear environmental strategy. 64% of parents in Spain encourage their kids to think about their effect on the environment.

Other versions of the report are available for North America, LATAM and APAC.

Sarah Riding, Research & Trends Director, The Insights Family comments, “After speaking to industry professionals in our Kids & Family Industry Report 2021 we found that 89% agree the world is moving faster than ever before and 7 in 10 think the amount of change is unparalleled. 

“So, as kids, parents, and families continuously change the way they work, learn, and relax – it’s more important than ever to understand their attitudes, behaviours, and consumption patterns.” 

The new free report on “The Next Generation of Families” is now available to download for free at:

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