Maxi-Cosi collaborates with TV psychologist Honey Langcaster-James to advise and aid families for the launch of 360 family – the next generation in car seats.

Introducing the new Maxi-Cosi 360 Family rotating car seat system: The ultimate travel solution for busy parents juggling family life. This family of rotating car seats, suitable from birth up to 4 years, is designed to help parents get their children into their car seats quickly and easily as the needs of their children evolve.

Aiming to offer a more convenient solution to parents whilst keeping their little ones safe and comfortable, the easy to use 360 Family keeps things simple. To mark the launch of the new car seat family, the brand has teamed up with TV Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James. Psychologist and commentator of Reality TV favourites Big Brother and Love Island, Honey is here to offer her tips for a super simple and safe journey, minus the stress.

“It’s much easier to parent when you feel well-equipped and prepared. This means not only having the right tools and products to help you do the everyday parenting tasks, but also feeling confident that you can keep your child safe. Most recently there have been worldwide concerns about safety and health, and young children may well pick up on this. Beyond the important matter of their physical safety, it is vital that your child actually feels safe and emotionally secure too,” says Langcaster-James.

“Whenever you are leaving the safe bubble of home and venturing out in the car, there is potential for it to lead to stress. There is lots to think about: what you need to take, where you need to be, how long it’s going to take to get there. Children can sense and pick up on this, and sometimes they will respond to the increased tension by acting out or being un-cooperative just at the very time when you need things to go smoothly. This is their way of protesting and letting you know that they’re feeling the stress too.”

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