UK Reusable Nappy Brand Receives Significant Investment to Drive Reusable Nappy Sector.

British reusable nappy company TotsBots has had its first significant brand refresh and investment in marketing in 20 years to propel the brand within the rapidly growing reusable sector. On a mission to make premium reusable nappies in the kindest way possible to our planet, TotsBots is hoping to inspire and enable more parents to make choices that have a positive environmental impact for the future of their children. 

The UK nappy market has a 90/10 split between disposable and reusable product demand, but this divide is becoming smaller in recent months due to more and more parents looking to cut back on waste going to landfill and to save money in the long run. “There is an overriding macro consumer shift toward living more sustainably and for consumers to reduce their impact on the environment,” says CEO Sarah Clark.  “Even with this change in consumer spending, research suggests there is still a reluctance by some parents to buy into the ‘reusable nappy’ ethos due to the preconception that using reusables are time consuming, require lots of washing, and are unhygienic,” she says. “TotsBots plans to overcome these barriers with an ambitious marketing refresh commencing November 2021.”

Introducing Small but Mighty Change

TotsBots is on a mission to normalise reusable nappies, to help parents find their reusable routine, and ultimately help protect our planet, one nappy change at a time. Given the wider trend for living more sustainably, TotsBots has a goal to not only capture significant market share of the current reusable segment of nappy users, but to also expand the overall reusable category by attracting new customers.  Available from distributors in over 30 countries worldwide as well on the e-commerce website, the re-brand is intended to help TotsBots break down and dispel the preconceptions of reusable nappies held by many parents by educating about the many environmental and economic advantages and by demonstrating the mounting strength of the sector. With a contemporary and more relevant new brand identity, the re-brand of TotsBots will involve a thorough rehaul of the packaging, website, social media, copywriting, and campaign visuals. TotsBots is poised to become more relevant to all modern parents who want to make a positive step in the care of their baby and ultimately the planet.

TotsBots are celebrating this exciting re-brand with a new range of Natures Rainbow nappies in the same award-winning, planet-friendly products consumers have loved for over 20 years.  

TotsBots much loved Bamboozle system has taken on a new muted colour palette with blue nightscapes, green foliage, pink coral, and yellow sunrises. A new look and feel brings freshness and energy to the range.  The block colour, Oeko-Tex 100 Standard certified Bamboozle Stretch Nappies and Pads are wrapped up in the beautiful prints of the waterproof Bamboozle Nappy Wraps made from 100% recycled plastic.

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