New Campaign Aims to Encourage Mums to be Kind to Themselves and Take Notice of all their Small Achievements – They Matter too. 

Inspired by the results of a recent social survey breastfeeding brand Medela has launched a new initiative today to empower mums to recognise their everyday achievements in motherhood. 

More than 800 mums got involved in the social poll that found a staggering 97% of women rarely put themselves first each day and 70% of mums admitted to paying little, or no, attention to their small achievements in motherhood/breastfeeding. Adding to this a worrying 79% of mums compare themselves to other parents, and 81% find they compare themselves to mums on social media

The thoughtful ‘Milk Your Milestone’ campaign aims to inspire women to pay more attention to themselves, to celebrate their own mini (and big) milestones in motherhood and to be kind to themselves. Whether it’s making it to a certain goal in their breastfeeding/pumping journey (1 day, 1 week, 1 month or 1 year all being important), or it could be expressing their highest volume of milk so far, breastfeeding in public for first time or even just managing to finish a cup of tea whilst it’s still hot, Medela believes every milestone, big or small, should be acknowledged. 

With the brand’s social survey highlighting a common pattern in mums comparing themselves to others (with social media’s influence having a heavy impact on this), it’s more important than ever for mums to step back and take notice of the small moments in the day where they are making incremental achievements. Interestingly 70% of women asked felt breastfeeding mums in general deserve much more recognition, showing just how integral this campaign really is. 

As part of this nationwide initiative, Medela is calling for mums across the country to join the positive movement and give themselves some recognition for reaching their Mini Milestones, however big or small. To get as many mums as possible involved, Medela is taking to its social pages (with a combined following of over 76,000) to give away positive affirmation mini prints, to stick on the fridge, in a notebook, on the dressing table mirror or wherever mum can benefit from the ‘celebrate every mini milestone’ messaging.

 Further to this, playful and positive stickers have been created for mums to stick anywhere from their phones to their pumps, to remind them just how amazing they are. 

Medela’s Marketing Manager, Charlotte Price, commented: 

‘We are so excited to launch a new campaign to celebrate mums in our community once again! We are all too aware that mums are so busy trying to hold it all together on a daily basis that hitting those little milestones can be easily missed – the new initiative is about recognising all the important moments (big and small!)  and ensuring every mum is kind to herself, taking the time to realise just how amazing she truly is! Giving away little packs of positivity for our community is such a joy for us, we hope it will really help mums to Milk their Milestones, whatever they may be!’ 

As part of the celebration kits, which will also be given away monthly going forward, mums will also receive their own ‘Milk Your Milestone’ pebble, to represent the milestone they have reached. 

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