The Insights Family set to take off

The Insights Family, the global leader in kids, parents and family market intelligence whose clients include Amazon, Disney, Hasbro and Warner Bros. Discovery has announced its move to a larger Manchester city centre office and the launch of its first “Tier 2” market.

The company’s new office is located on Balloon Street in Manchester city centre, and whilst the office will continue to be the company’s global HQ, the office will very much become the company’s campus for innovation, product development and will house the company’s expanding technology, research, data science and intelligence teams. With the new office providing the space and facilities it needs to further as the company prepares to set a new standard in market intelligence and to enable future growth. 

The company which provides market intelligence across 5 continents and 21 countries, currently surveys more 700,000 family members every year, and since its launch in 2017 has surveyed more than 2,300,000 family members. Whilst it currently focusses on larger countries which are predominately in the G20, the company has had significant demand to launch into other markets. After much development, the company has confirmed that it will be launching its award-winning Kids Insights and Parents Insights services into the Republic of Ireland from January 2024. 

Kids Insights Ireland and Parents Insights Ireland will become the companies first “Tier 2” products, which will provide clients with the most comprehensive and dynamic market intelligence on Irish kids, parents and families attitudes, behaviour and consumption. Though unlike its existing “Tier 1” product solutions, “Tier 2” products will provide clients with regular market intelligence which will update on a monthly basis, rather than in real-time.

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Nick Richardson, Founder of The Insights Family comments, “We have had significant demand to launch our services into smaller countries outside the G20, but for several reasons our “Tier 1” methodology is not feasible in those markets. However, our team have been developing, testing, and have ultimately created a compelling solution which will provide the depth and breadth of intelligence we offer across all “Tier 1” markets, but on a regular monthly basis rather than real-time – with Ireland chosen due to high customer demand. Further “Tier 2” markets are currently going through feasibility and will be prioritised by client demand”.

Regarding the launch of Ireland, Richardson adds, “2023 has been a fantastic year for the company as we have focussed on instilling best practise across the business. The move to our new office represents a significant step change in our aspirations and lays down the foundations for future success and is the first in a series of exciting and hugely positive announcements that we will be making.”

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