In response to the growing demand for environmentally sustainable products, Dr. Brown’s has revamped its anti-colic bottle packaging to include a new modern, look and feel, with an eco-conscious design.

This new packaging reflects a minimalist and sleek style, utilising recyclable materials and reducing excess waste. Each element of the packaging is thoughtfully developed, embracing a more sustainable approach, whilst emphasises Dr. Brown’s commitment to both infant health and environmental wellbeing.

Additionally, it’s now easier for consumers to easily decipher between the classic wide and narrow neck bottles, through the introduction of the new bright orange band (wide neck bottles) and blue band (narrow neck bottles). 

Dr. Brown’s Marketing Manager, Amy House commented: “The stylish, remodelled packaging features fun, fresh colours and aims to reduce waste worldwide by reducing plastic usage and introducing sustainable alternatives. With a bigger focus on our anti-colic messaging heritage, this new packaging amplifies our core message to communicate that Dr. Brown’s provides clinically proven relief from infant colic, whilst also enhancing the visual appeal of these best-selling bottles. “As a brand deeply invested in the health and comfort of babies, we are thrilled to introduce our new packaging design, that not only continues to support families but also supports the environment.”

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