Anex and FFFACE.ME presented the world’s first augmented reality stroller together with the British artist Mr. Woody Woods.

International brand Anex together with AR studio FFFACE.ME and British illustrator Mr. Woody Woods have presented the world’s first baby stroller with an augmented reality filter. Air-X Woo helps children actively explore the illustrations on the stroller and interact with them during the walk using AR. In this way, augmented reality turns an ordinary stroller into a big toy or spaceship that can be explored together with parents.

Air-X Woo has an eye-catchy design and FFFACE.ME’s Instagram filter helps bring the alien pattern from illustrator Mr. Woody Woods to life in augmented reality. So in Air-X Woo there are 3 aliens who are capable of doing somersaults, hovering in the air, moving, and winking. In addition, they can be easily put on your hand or returned back to the illustration. The manufacturers point out that this is the first “alive” AR-stroller on the market.

“Air-X Woo is a stroller for kids from 0 and up to 4 years old with which it is easy to interact. AR gives an additional level of perception, thanks to which the child can explore aliens and develop his or her own imagination during the walk”, — commented at Anex.

The illustrator of the collaboration became Mr. Woody Woods, an art director from Great Britain, who has been drawing in the doodle style for more than 8 years. The artist has also collaborated with Dr Martens, BBC, Marks and Spencer, Next, and his bright and bold illustrations have won the love of fans around the world.

“I’ve been a dad now for three and a half years, and it’s amazing. But as I know to most parents, it’s super full on as well. So I wanted to create a design that’s quite fun and engaging. So when they’re out for walks, they can have a smile, they can have a laugh. I don’t want something too serious. I know how much of an important role a pram plays in life with young children and I wanted to create a design that was fun for both kids and their parents. I really liked the idea of a bunch of little aliens joining you on your adventures together and all of the storytelling opportunities they could provide”, — commented Mr. Woody Woods.

“We love to experiment and always look for cool ways to make our designs more interesting. Woody’s portfolio got us on these doodle illustrations. At first, we planned to just create a stroller pattern, but as we got to know Woody better, we realized that he is super charismatic and has his own style. It’s very rare and we just couldn’t pass up this chance. So our collaboration grew into a full-fledged AR-collaboration”, — commented at Anex.

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